Walmart Savings Catcher – Free Cash!

Do you shop at Walmart? I don’t think there are many people that can say no! Today I want to tell you about the Walmart savings catcher app!

The Long Story Short: The app scans your purchases and gives you cash back if any other local competitors were cheaper, that you can instantly use!


  • Get cash back, with no work required, and no hoops to jump through to use it!
    • Money back goes to a rewards card, you can redeem online, or you can have it auto applied to future purchases.
  • No need to take your credit/debit card out to check out. Just scan and done!!
    • This is a great feature. Just be sure you have a card stored in the app, so it can be charged.
  • All your receipts are saved. No need to keep paper receipts around for returns.


Easy Savings!

walmart purchase history

Here’s some details.

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the iOS or Android app
  • Go into the store, and open the app, scan the barcode on the screen. You’ll see you’re scanned in
  • Check out like normal, then hit I’m done!
  • You’re finished! No need to swipe your card, if you’ve added it to your savings catcher account, it’ll be billed to that card!
  • Click “Submit Receipt”, to submit it to savings catcher, within 7 days. You’ll get an email/notification detailing any cash back you may get!


walmart receipt


See images of items bought! Oh, yes I bought too much ice cream…

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