Beddit Review: A Sleep Tracker You Don’t Wear!

Recently, while wandering through the Apple store, I came across some fitness devices. I didn’t need the jump rope, or the scale, or the other fitness stuff, but a sleep tracker caught my eye. One thing I enjoyed tracking was my sleep. I used to track it often with the Microsoft Band when I had that, but the Apple Watch lasts about 2 days, so I usually turn it off at night, and charge every other night. Enter Beddit.

This tracker is a little piece of fabric loaded with sensors that goes under your sheet, and you lay on it just like normal. I can’t even tell it’s there. It has little rubber pads underneath to prevent it from sliding around as you move at night. It can also tell if you’re snoring with the microphone.

You can roll around, sleep on front, back side. It works with 1 or 2 people. It’s really neat!

These devices are ~150 and can be purchased on Amazon (currently sold out) or like I did, on the Apple website or in a store.

Beddit Tracking

Here, it is tracking my heart rate, respiratory rate, and my movement. All of these combined can give a good picture of how good my sleep is.


Beddit-Live Tracking


When you head to bed, just hit “sleep”. When you wake up, you’ll see these neat little facts about your sleep that night.

Notice in the 3rd image, you can create various tags. Over time, you can develop more trends. I can see times I woke up with a headache, or took melatonin before bed, had a nightmare, etc.

Apple Health Integration

Beddit Apple Health Integration


Smart Alarm

One really great feature is the “smart alarm”. This feature can wake you up early (GASP!), if it detects you’re in a light state of sleep, and would feel better waking up then, up to 30 minutes early. If you are woken from a deep sleep, you may feel more tired than if you are woken up, earlier, from a light sleep.


Beddit Smart Alarm



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