Travel Tip: Priceline Express Deals

Tl;Dr: I use an app called “ExpDeals” to see which hotels are advertising express deals on Priceline.

Recently, I had family heading to Florida for a getaway. Especially since I live in Georgia now and it’s just a little drive, I figured I’d take a look at hotels so I could join in.

Booking just a few days out, at Disney, during Spring Break, definitely means finding a room will be expensive, or sold out. Either that, or you’ll be stuck way away from the parks.

In typical fashion I pulled up Priceline and went to express deals and searched for 4 star + hotels near Disney World in Orlando. I saw quite a few that were in the $120-$200 range per night. Which in itself for this time isn’t a bad deal. One hotel however said that it was 70% off, at the $124/night rate.

This looks awesome and all, but I’d love to know where I’m staying. This is one of the main downsides to using a Priceline game express deal, as you don’t know where you’re going. But actually, I did!

I use an app called “ExpDeals”. It shows you which hotels in the area are advertising these prices. I just make sure the numbers match up to the things I just saw on Priceline, and sure enough. When clicking the book link, it takes me to Priceline to complete my purchase there.

Now, one negative that still applies, is hotels don’t give you points when you book rooms from Priceline or other online vendors. Some hotels will give you the night as a “stay” but you won’t earn points. If you get elite benefits like Hilton/Marriott Gold, sometimes you can still get the small check in bonuses, just depends on the manager mood. I just give them my rewards # and politely ask to add it to my reservation.

Now to enjoy time at Disney with everyone, and pay more for park tickets than I did for my hotel.

Brandon Sullivan

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