Off-roading at Hidden Falls Adventure Park

My wife and I went on a little weekend adventure to an off-road park about an hour away from Austin, called Hidden Falls. This place had it all, from a gun range, to camping and of course tons of area to off-road. We met a real nice Jeep crew who let us tag along and helped us down some hills and we convoyed around for most of the day.

I was actually really surprised at how off-road capable my Toyota was! It sounds counter intuitive given how awesome Toyota’s are, but when you see everyone spending 10,000 on their rigs, you get in the mindset that it is the only way. Now, all that said I do have an upgraded suspension being installed soon, can’t wait to go back and see how different it feels after that! 🙂

In any case, enjoy some pictures below.. Especially check out the video. The new GoPro Hero 7 Black in camera stabilization is just nuts! It’s so stable, no gimbal required.

Climbing up! The climbs got even better after this!

Coming down this was fun!

Posing for a Flex pic

Me amongst some Jeeps!

We’re on two wheels! Ahhhh!
On two wheels, what it looked like out the front

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