You’re here! You’ve found me!

So what brought you here? You want to know about me? You want to know what drove me to make a web page and think people are actually interested enough to go read it?


I am a meteorologist, first and foremost. I spent my time working through those horrible equations for 4 years at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. Though I spent nearly all my student years aspiring to work in the government sector, in the National Weather Service, certain events pushed me into becoming an entrepreneur and solving problems that bothered me… For more on this journey, please see this post. In early 2015, I sold my first company to AccuWeather Inc. and I worked for them for 3 years. Now, I proudly work at IBM Watson, as a Senior AI Product Manger.


I have been on a lot of major networks with my chasing excursions. I’ve been live on FOX, CNN, ABC evening news, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, World News, Canadian and Japanese television and more. I frequently appear in various documentaries of tornadoes, severe weather etc. I talk at conventions often about weather, business, chasing, ham radio, etc. I worked as a 911 dispatcher and firefighter/EMT as well, so I can relate law enforcement to tornadoes and weather easily.

If you’re interested in an interview or speaking engagement, please contact me.


There is a very high probability you already know me as a storm chaser. I’ve made a lot of dramatic appearances through the years with impressive videos of tornadoes, hurricanes and even blizzards. This consumes much of my free time. I have a passion and drive for weather like no other. I yearn for the first chase every year, and I mourn the very last one. But obviously, that can’t last all year round. So what happens in the off season? I am a big fitness fanatic. I teach CrossFit here in Austin, Texas. If I am not at out chasing or at work, I am at the gym. I love being active, traveling and seeing new things. Sports? Heck ya! I am a big NASCAR fan, a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and of course an OU Sooners fan. I play some golf from time to time, but nothing to write home about.