USPS Informed Delivery – See Your Mail Before it Comes!

The world is impatient, so it only makes sense for a product like this to exist where you can see your mail before it even arrives, but beyond that, there are some really cool applications to this service. I must give a shout out to my buddy Steve who tipped me onto this service, after I missed its appearance on

USPS Informed Delivery is a free service that emails you each morning with pictures of your parcels that are arriving that day. While this is cool to see if you’re getting that big check, or that dreaded bill, it also can help you see if a piece of mail goes missing, if its scanned but not arriving.

Each morning you’ll get an email that shows you all the letters that are arriving. It appears its only for envelopes, as even bigger yellow padded envelopes aren’t showing up on the images. You’ll get images for all the residents in your house too, so you’ll see wife and kids letters, etc too. offers Informed Delivery Service for Free (Enter your zip-code; if available in your area and then click signup)

Youll need a free USPS account. I’d choose “personal” because I think at this time it’s only available, at least for free, to personal accounts. After you signup, under ‘Account Management – Informed Delivery’ check Informed Delivery Opt-In. You may view your mail online or anywhere from your email (up to 10 mail pieces images).


USPS Daily Digest Email
Daily Digest – USPS Informed Delivery


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