April 2nd, 2015 Southeast KS — ChaseLog

Location: Southeast KS (Chetopa, Oswego)

Miles: 567.6

Tornado: Possible

Hail: Dime size


Supercells developed across southeastern Kansas and spread east and southeast. There were a few tornadoes, and numerous reports of large hail and damaging winds.. The lightning was incredibly impressive and nearly continuous at some points! Got a glimpse of a possible tornado near Chetopa, KS. Spotters were reporting a tornado ongoing. The picture view is to the northwest, I was positioned northeast of Chetopa, KS.





Possible Tornado
Possible Tornado

I had my laptop turned off for a bit on the way home, that is why the GPS log says I cut across OK magically from Tulsa to OKC!

GPS Log 4/2/15
GPS Log 4/2/15

Brandon Sullivan

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