3 Years ago Today — BIG Tornado near Forney, TX

3 years ago today I documented a big tornado near Forney, TX. I chased solo this day, battled the Dallas traffic, construction and small suburbs, but made it happen. One of, if not the most rewarding chases of my career!

Please excuse my obvious excitement and inner nerd coming out!


After chasing the day before in Texas, I had slept in late, and was waking up occasionally to look at stuff… I slept in until about 11am, when I noticed an outflow boundary apparent on the Dallas radar. I quickly got in my car and flew south!

SPC 6z Day 1 Tornado Outlook

SPC clearly agreed this was the place to be, and focused a 10% tornado risk right in this area near the outflow boundary.

SCP 20z Day 1 Tornado Outlook

Brandon Sullivan

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