Computer Simulated Tornadoes!

Are you bored? Want to have your mind blown? This is a video of some incredible work by Orf, Wilhelmson, Wicker, Lee and Finley (2014). Talk 3B.3 at the Severe Local Storms Conference, November 3, 2014, Madison.

This video shows amazing, high resolution simulations of a supercell and the processes that occur inside. Even if you aren’t into the technical part, just sit in awe of all the incredibly advanced processes that occur in tornado formation.. Next time your forecast busts, you can rest a bit easier knowing just how complicated this stuff is!


Brandon Sullivan

I am an entrepreneur, meteorologist and storm chaser. I travel and take captivating photos and videos across the world. If I'm not chasing, I'm at the gym. All opinions are my own and do not represent my employers or investments.

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