My New DJI Phantom 4 Drone for Storm Chasing!

After shooting the video below, last week, I got a ton of questions about my Phantom 4 drone! I am going to try to answer some of these directly, but I put together a decently long video showing off my drone!

So here are some of the questions I get… Please note, these are my honest answers and may not reflect what DJI recommends.. I take no responsibility if you crash or damage your device 🙂

  • How strong of winds do you fly in? 
    • I have flown in 40-50 mph gusts. I mainly make sure that I don’t fly in over 40 gusts because the drone max speed in sport mode is around 45 mph and you don’t want to get a situation where you can’t return home!
  • Can you fly in the rain?
    • I have flown in very light rain, but I try not to if I can avoid it. Not only will it slow the aircraft down some, but I just don’t like the idea of my batteries, etc being in the rain
  • How far can you fly?
    • The drone range is over a couple miles, but FAA rules say you need to keep it in sight
  • How high can you fly?
    • You can only to fly 400 feet AGL by FAA regulations

With that, here is my video talking about my drone, why I love it, and showing off some features! If you comment questions here or on my YouTube I will be sure to reply with answers!




Brandon Sullivan

I am an entrepreneur, meteorologist and storm chaser. I travel and take captivating photos and videos across the world. If I'm not chasing, I'm at the gym. All opinions are my own and do not represent my employers or investments.

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