Coldwater, KS Hail Storm – April 15th, 2017

After waiting most of the afternoon for a storm to form, a supercell finally developed and got churning just southwest of Coldwater, KS. The storm became almost stationary, and dropped very heavy rain in some spots. In addition, very large hail was reported with the storm, which was warned for hail up to baseball size at one point!

The structure was also really nice, too! I sat a little close to get too much of a view, but was able to see the big base at the bottom of the storm. I encountered some hail as well, which is seen in the video.

coldwater supercell
Coldwater, KS Supercell 4/15/17

Here’s the video from the storm, showing some structure and hail falling, and even some poor cows getting hit with hail.

Brandon Sullivan

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