Don’t Get Distracted… Here’s How To Avoid That App!

In today’s world… We are in love with our phones.. At least most of us! That nagging desire to look down and check for notifications all day during work is just terrible.. Plus it’s wearing down your battery every time you turn on that screen!

So here is an android app that shuts off notifications and disables you from using a particular app, when you need to concentrate. You can’t go back in and change the timer, you have to reboot your phone entirely to get those notifications… Is that really worth it to see that Facebook comment?

clearlockHere’s a LifeHacker article with some more information on the matter…

If you’re ready to jump in, here is a link to the app!

Now, if you are on a PC, it can be even more challenging… It’s so easy to just leave Facebook open in the background.. But hearing those chats or seeing the notifications in the Chrome tabs will get ya! So check out a program called Cold Turkey.. Same concept, only some more advanced features!

Brandon Sullivan

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