Automatic Pro Review: Hint: It’s Awesome!

Yesterday I got my Automatic Pro, and couldn’t wait to get going with it… Here’s some basics about what this device does!


  • Plugs into vehicle OBD port
    • Hidden up under your dash. Easy to get to, but won’t be seen or be in the way!
  • 5 years of unlimited 3G coverage. No monthly fees
  • Emergency crash detection and assistance
  • Trip logging, fuel cost calculations
  • Various integrations such as IFTTT, Invoicing Software, etc
    • Example.. Open garage door when approaching home… Turn on AC when approaching home, etc.
    • Example.. Auto log miles for submitting expense reports for work.
  • Driving analysis — see how you can change habits to save fuel costs!
  • Parking spot reminders
  • Track your car location
  • Notifications when vehicle is turned on/off


Setup was guided and very easy. The device will automatically gather your vehicle information from the car computer. You just open the app, put in your unique device code, then go through a bit of setup, a software update if needed, and then you’re good. Once you go for a drive, it will lock in even better, and get you setup on the networks for the tracking.


I particularly enjoy the trip cost calculations. This is aided by the ability to select a desired fuel type in the settings panel, to adjust for costs of various fuel options.


I haven’t been driving enough yet to get the driving analysis, but I bet it will tell me I have a lead foot and need to accelerate slower 🙂


Trip Tracking




Settings and Options




IFTTT Integration




Complete Actions When you Enter/Leave Area



Brandon Sullivan

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