Chasing Today through ??

It looks like a set of mediocre setups, but definitely the potential for a few severe weather events this week, namely Wednesday and Saturday! I am starting off the week by chasing in deep southwest Texas today, near the Fort Stockton area.

HRRR Radar/Updraft Helicity Forecast
HRRR Radar/Updraft Helicity Forecast


Unfortunately I am driving and don’t have a lot of time to type, but in general I plan to play just ENE of the Davis Mountains today, where a meso low looks to set up. This usually yields a slow moving, photogenic supercell down in Reeves county Texas.

I am going to try streaming later today… Check out my live stream page and follow me on Twitter – @btsullivan91

Rest of Week:

Tuesday I plan to play somewhere in southwest Texas again, on the southern edge of morning convection and along any outflow boundary. Maybe S of Lubbock?

Wednesday I think I will be somewhere in central to northern Kansas.. Time will tell, but that looks like a favorable area for supercells.

Will blog about these days more in detail tonight.

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