April 11th, 2015 Crosby County, Texas Hail

Began this day in Norman, leaving at around 11. I picked up a new cell phone and luckily had an awesome girlfriend who drove to the target while I toyed with my new gadget (Samsung Galaxy S6).

We sat just south of Amarillo while I worked on some electrical issues with laptop. You may not care to read about all that, but I like to say it so I won’t forget it!

The first storm went up west northwest of Amarillo. You can see my chase update here, where I talked about the initiating thunderstorms. I waited for a storm further south.. This might not have been the best call, but we stuck with it. The “north” storm went on to produce a crazy demon supercell that was all carved out, produced big hail and was tornado warned for some time.

Further south, we were on a storm that went up then died out, so we bailed all the way down to Lubbock area where we captured the hail seen below near Ralls, TX.

I captured this amazing photo before we went into the core of the storm. What a beautiful display of nature!


Brandon Sullivan

I am an entrepreneur, meteorologist and storm chaser. I travel and take captivating photos and videos across the world. If I'm not chasing, I'm at the gym. All opinions are my own and do not represent my employers or investments.

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