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It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged, but with all that is going on in the world, no storms and can’t chase them even if there was, I decided to dust it off and talk about my new favorite app, RadarOmega.

We’ve all used RadarScope for years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. but there was a consistent set of features that seemingly everyone asked for that never hit the market. Mainly these few things:

  1. Roads
  2. Surface Observations
  3. Satellite Data

If you’re guessing that RadarOmega has all of that, because I mentioned them, well, you guessed right. I will be the first to admit, that I was hesitant at first with RadarOmega. The UI left some things to be desired, but what speaks to me more than anything is their willingness to listen, learn and adapt to what users are asking for.

Their recent updates have shown a lot of improvement. I’ve been fortunate to be part of their beta program and have loved watching the evolution. Radar rendering is faster, controls are easier and more intuitive, great feature parity from desktop to apps.

It is currently available on iOS, Windows, MacOS and Android, so you should definitely be able to get it. For the desktop apps, visit their website, for mobile, just check your App Store!

SW OK Supercell 4/2/2020 – Desktop App
Radar + Storm Data + Dewpoints – iOS App

Model Viewer

Satellite Viewer

Upper Level Water Vapor

Coming Soon: From March 27th Email

Features coming back soon: From March 27th Email

Current thoughts on areas of improvement:

In the spirit of an open and transparent review, I wanted to call out a few things that I think could use improvement, at least in my eyes. It’s likely some of these are being looked at already, though.

Overall, I think the biggest struggle is the UI. There are many great features but sometimes they are hidden a few levels into menus. There is also a lot of great data to display but going back and forth in and out of the menu can be a chore.

  • Opacity right now seems to control all things at once (satellite, radar data, model data), it would be nice to have those independent
  • On desktop, stepping through model data or finding a specific time is not easy, there is only the loop option.. On mobile, at least iOS there is a slider, which is nice. Ability to select specific time and see what data is available would be great.
  • GPS icon could go for a change, its a bit big… simple thing, I know
  • On desktop, I always click “Home” when I am actually trying to get to the menu… Anyone else do this?
  • The MRMS data doesn’t seem to render like single site radar, making it blurry on zoom
  • Bring split view back (it’s coming, I know, but had to mention it!)
  • It would be neat to have analysis things like satellite be available as a layer inside the radar screen, vs having to jump back and forth
  • Surface observations don’t seem to be available on desktop
  • Making surface observations more in depth, showing wind barb + temp/dew information at once, instead of single items at a time

I’ve also seen a few things they are working on that I never really thought about, like GPS bread-crumbing, basically logging your GPS and showing a short term history of where you’ve been. Will this turn into a good logging tool for chase logs? Maybe!?


Below is the current pricing information (as of 4/6/20) and the details for what each tier offers. I am unsure if this will change with any of the new features coming, or not.

RadarOmega Subscription Pricing

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