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You heard crypto, maybe you’re envisioning going to the dark web, trying to hack around and buy bitcoin, or go through 10 different apps and hoops… Nope, those days are past us. Crypto is a legitimate investment opportunity, with real world benefits and projects that are changing the world around us.

So, what is this “Free” crypto you say? It all stems from a project called “Hi“. Half of the battle in crypto is having a project name that is simple. Imagine telling your grandmother you’re gonna send her some DOGE? Ha! What if you said to your friends, “sure, let me send you some hi dollars”. Much better.

Before reading, in today’s world, I should mention none of this is financial or investment advise, there are referral links in this blog and you should do your own research

Don’t care to read more and want to figure it out for yourself?

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What is Hi?

Hi is developing the world’s most scalable and inclusive technologies to maximize human potential. Built on the blockchain and powered by their membership token the “hi Dollar”, hi believes they are the future of identity, money, and internet. See “Members” below? Your first thought is you probably have to pay for that. You don’t. Membership to Hi is free.

How to Sign Up?

There are several very easy options to sign up. Hi interfaces with several major chat applications like Telegram and WhatsApp, but you can also use the Hi App itself! I personally love using the Telegram app, but I have all 3, just for overkill! So first, make sure to go download one of the apps below if you want to integrate with chat

  1. Telegram App
  2. WhatsApp

If you want to use just the Hi app for Simplicity, then click here -> Get Hi App (Look for the download link at bottom of page)

If you chose to integrate with the chat application, you should set that up first (like create your WhatsApp or Telegram accounts, etc). Then you should visit the Hi website to get started

On the bottom of the page you will then see several options for chat applications to integrate with. Just click those and get started!

Image showing where to click to sign up for Hi
Options to Download the App or to LInk via Telegram/What’s App

You’ll then need to create a ‘nickname’. This is important to remember, since it’s unique to you and is what you use to refer friends, to send and receive money, etc! Mine is btsull of course.

How Do You Get A Free Hi Dollar Daily?

Everyday, Hi offers daily rewards, just for answering a cheesy question or by referring your friends. Why free? Several reasons, I can assume. It’s obviously a fantastic way to grow a network and get users excited. Another reason, is many places do not allow purchase of crypto during these “Token Sale” phases, which is basically where groups are selling a currency to fund their companies. In the US, that is the case, so one way for us to get involved is to give away the tokens. Even though we cannot buy, we are perfectly fine to accumulate free daily rewards and then earn interest from them! Plus, I am in this for the long haul and know the USA is behind on the times.

How to Claim Daily Rewards (Free Hi Dollar)

Each day, at 00 UTC (6PM Central Time USA right now, 7PM during DST) the clock resets and you can claim a free daily Hi Dollar. There are several ways to do this. I will show you the Hi App and the Telegram App. If you use the Telegram app, click the button at the bottom to bring up the menu and just click “Claim Daily Reward”. Answer your question and then boom. Done! SET A REMINDER! If you forget, you can’t go back and claim that Hi Dollar later. At first, it’s easy to forget when it’s “only” a few Hi Dollars.. But as you grow your account, refer friends, etc, you won’t forget!

If you’re using the Hi App, it’s basically the same. Just click the gift icon each day and you’ll earn your free Hi Dollar!

WhatsApp Signup

Refer Friends to Earn Huge

Go ahead, call it a pyramid scheme. I don’t care! There’s no purchasing here, no door to door selling anything and everyone is getting exposure to crypto and making free Hi Dollars along the way, so I definitely am not ashamed to be spreading this great news!

For every friend you refer, you get .5 Hi Dollar per day that they claim their Hi dollar (note, that’s a key point. Your friends have to claim theirs daily too!). For every friend they refer, you get .25 per day that they claim a Hi Dollar.

So, let’s look at an example.

I refer my wife. I make 1 Hi Dollar a day from my own reward. She makes 1 Hi Dollar a day from her reward. I make .5 per day for every day she claims. That’s 2.5 Hi Dollars per day, with a current price of $1.20 USD/ Hi Dollar. So that’s $90 a month for just us. Now, consider referring 30 people directly and they each refer one person.

That would be 30 * .5 per day. And 30 * .25. Plus your 1 per day you claim. That’s 23.5 Hi Dollars Daily. At current value ($1.20 as I write this) that is $846 a month. That’s insane, for having to do nothing but click a button. No investment required. Just imagine if the price goes up, or if we become eligible to earn 40% interest (see next section). Wow!

Your referral link is just your nickname and the url… Like this <— My real referral link. I’d love if you used it to sign up 🙂

How to Earn Huge Interest?

With our free daily Hi dollars, we may be able to earn interest! Not immediately though. Due to the rules, we have to wait a year from the day we claimed that reward, at which time they unlock and we can move them over to an earnings state. So, the sooner you start accumulating, the better! It’s not all at once, each Hi dollar unlocks a year after it was claimed.

Once your Hi Dollars are unlocked, you can move them into Earnings and begin earning interest. You can earn up to 40% APY as it stands now. The best way to think of this like an old school CD at a bank. You are given some guaranteed interest rate to lock your $ up with the bank for a set period time. This is the same thing only way more lucrative.

Now, the huge caveat here is that the USA currently doesn’t allow this.. Go figure! Don’t worry, the app will restrict you and won’t let you do anything you’re not supposed to be able to… But my hope in accumulating now is that eventually the USA comes around and we can start earning lucrative interest!

Anyways, since I am not yet a year in, I can’t really go into more details and show you how its done with Hi Dollars. If you have other currencies stored (ETH, BTC, USDT, etc), you can stake and earn on those (not in USA though)


So what is to come for Hi? Some of the huge things I am looking forward to is the launch of Fiat services. I know their membership tiers and benefits are going to continue to rapidly expand too. We are definitely early here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Hi.

They also mention a lot of really cool partnerships and membership perks coming soon. Can’t wait to see what perks can evolve from that! I love being early! 🙂

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